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May 17 2014


These Four Apps Turn Your Phone Into Your Workout Buddy | Techhive

You can hire a personal trainerhey, its half the reason they have jobsor you Max Workouts for men can download an app (which, lets be real, is a lot more affordable than the former). Thats right: An app. Thanks to social networks, you can sort of simulate the experience of having a work out partner with a fitness app that pits you against friends, acquaintances, and strangers. No workout partner? No problem. Here are four apps that use social networkingand perhaps a teensy bit of competitionto motivate you to work out. Pact Nothing keeps you accountable like money. Pressure from friends is a great way to motivate your workout, but you know whats better?
More Max Workouts http://www.techhive.com/article/2154840/these-four-apps-turn-your-phone-into-your-workout-buddy.html

February 18 2014


Burlington Gym Looks To Serve Those 40-plus

Kate Hartman Fitness. Owner and Founder Chris Borda opened Y.E.S. Fitness at 292 Spielman Highway after running another Burlington Max Workouts gym, Fitness Advantage, for 15 years. He recognized a need for a gym focused on an older clientele. We saw a need in the community to service the 40-plus individual, said 54-year-old Borda. to learn more People have been coming to us over the years with aches and pains. They still wanted to exercise but couldnt or they had problems with their health. We saw a very specific need for that.
More http://www.registercitizen.com/general-news/20140217/burlington-gym-looks-to-serve-those-40-plus

February 10 2014


Ptpower.com Shows Personal Trainers Starting A Fitness Business 4 Unconventional Ways To Build Client Culture

more? info? Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 08, 2014 PTPower.com, the #1 fitness marketing blog used by thousands of personal trainers worldwide, reveals four unconventional ways to entertrain and build client culture in order help personal trainers who are starting a fitness business sign on more clients and increase client retention. Bedros Keuilian, creator of the fitness marketing blog, emphasizes the importance of delivering an unforgettable client experience by saying, Delivering an amazing customer experience is the secret to any business, but its especially true for personal training. Fitness business owners rely on referrals and positive word of mouth, so creating an experience that really WOWs your clients will set you up for long-term business success. When looking to create this type of experience for clients, PTPower.com suggests that personal trainers start by putting on a show to get clients pumped up and ready to get through their upcoming workout. Most personal trainers know how to bring the energy to their training sessions, but a lot of them arent sure of how to keep the excitement going. To help with that, here are PTPower.coms four ways to build client culture through entertrainment: 1. Hire a DJ for the day. go
Source: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2014/02/09/ptpowercom-shows-personal-trainers-starting-fitness-business-4-unconventional-ways-build-

January 31 2014


welcome to my web journey

hey there
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